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Africa Run update

The implementation phase for Africa Run 2019 has begun!
With 56 Africa Runners partaking throughout 2019, and generous donations coming in from all sides, over €110 000 was raised for Ekuphumleni High School.

Even Ekuphumleni High participated in the fundraising, organising a Fun Run in Whittlesea – the first of its kind and an immense success for the school. So much so, that the school has planned to organise more in the future.

Now it is time for the implementation of the funds and the plans are underway, the most important of which is the addition of 6 classrooms and the upgrading of their laboratory.

In January we met with Ekuphumleni to begin the planning process and were then notified that the Department of Public Works would be able to assist with the building process. This was welcome news as that means that we can draw on their expertise and be assured that whatever is built would be to the norms and standards of the Department of Education.

In February we met with the team that would assist us – including the architect – and currently they are busy drawing up building plans and working out the various details. We look forward to the joint journey together and making some of Ekuphumleni's dreams into reality.

Africa Run
Posted 15 Feb, 2020 by Louisa

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