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Africa Run 2019

Samara is very pleased to be a partner on the fundraiser Africa Run for the year 2019. This is an annual fundraiser hosted by the Umckaloabo Foundation and supported by individual runners in Germany and South Africa. The funds raised are matched by the German company Schwabe and then invested at a school in southern Africa into the infrastructure and student and teacher development. This year Samara helped identify a school – Ekuphumleni High School – in Whittlesea, Eastern Cape, and will be helping to implement the planned projects in 2020.


Ekuphumleni High School, which currently has over 1400 students registered in a space that is meant to cater for 800, is a school that does not allow its circumstances to hold it back. Located on the outskirts of Whittlesea, all its students come from low-income households, or households that survive on a government grant. As such, Ekuphumleni is classified as a no-fee public school, which is all too often synonymous with an under-resourced and under-performing school in South Africa. Ekuphumleni however may be under-resourced, but it certainly isn't under-performing and the headmaster, Mr Lizwe Ngalo, and the management team are proud to tell visitors that they are among the highest performing schools of the district. Lizwe is especially delighted that in 2016 the highest performing student, with distinctions in each subject, came from Ekuphumleni.

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Africa Run 2019
Posted 20 Feb, 2019 by Louisa

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