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New Faces

At Nomzamo we have welcomed two new teachers – Nosibusiso and Anathi. Best friends since they were at school, their love for children has brought them to Nomzamo where they run the centre with youthful energy and enthusiasm. For Nosibusiso especially, Nomzamo holds special significance: many years ago, she too attended this ECD centre.

Here they share what they love best and what challenges they face:
Nosibusiso: Teaching is in my blood. I am following in my mother's footsteps – she teaches grade R at our local primary school. I enjoy teaching the children how to do things by themselves.

The biggest challenge is the parents. Some of them send their children to us without any food. Then we have to share our lunch or share the food from the other children. For some children the only time they get proper food is while they are at Nomzamo.

Anathi: I love children. I don't have a child myself but I love children. The most difficult part is the parents that don't take care of their children. They come to the centre without proper clothes and we have to try find them something warm to wear. It makes us sad but we try to help as much as possible.

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New Faces
Posted 12 Aug, 2018 by Louisa

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