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Learning & Sharing

In June Samara held a capacity building workshop for the teachers, here Louisa Feiter shares how it went.

I only understand a word here and there – mostly the English words thrown in inbetween – but judging by the lively discussion and intermittent laughter, the workshop is going well.

This is our second workshop with all twelve teachers from our six ECD centres and this time we've partnered with the Centre for Creative Education, which offers a Xhosa course for ECD teachers. Nomathemba Tindlini, the facilitator, was a kindergarten teacher herself, and now passes on her knowledge through these courses and mentoring.

Over the next five days the teachers look at the three golden rules of teaching – receive with reverence, teach with love and let go in freedom – how children learn through imitation and role-modelling; the senses as they develop in children; the structure and rhythm of a day and the importance of free play.

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Learning & Sharing
Posted 12 Aug, 2018 by Louisa

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