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Teachers Workshop at Noluthando

At the beginning of October all the teachers from the crèches Samara works with, gathered at Noluthando for a workshop. There was much laughter and talk as everyone got to know one another and after spending three days and nights together it seemed like everyone had been friends for years.

The workshop's focus was on the practical activities that would stimulate young children's creativity and motor skills as well as lay the foundation for later writing, reading and numbers. Another focus was to look at how teachers could create their own resources without having to spend much money.

The workshop began with a few games that also challenged the teachers and ensured that everyone was awake and ready to tackle the rest of the day. Using recycled material, the teachers made tin stilts, bottle top castanets and sock puppets and ended the day with crocheting (which can be done using plastic bags or old t-shirts even).

The next day the teachers learnt how to make finger paint and play dough using a few simple household ingredients, and had a lot of fun themselves trying them out. Paint brushes were made out of rolled up newspaper and toilet rolls (which could also be used to create different shapes). In the afternoon the handwork activity was learning how to weave with scraps of fabric, using simple weaving frames made from cardboard and string.

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Teachers Workshop at Noluthando
Posted on December 5, 2017

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