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A Time of Resilience

2020 was a challenging year on all fronts, but as in any crisis, it has also been heartening to see the additional support coming in and the resilience shown by our stakeholders.

Our Early Childhood Development (ECD) centres were closed for most of the year and this sector took a heavy knock with no income or relief measures given from government. Through the generous support of individuals, we were however able to support our ECD teachers through the worst of it with our Covid Relief Fund. And once it was possible, all our ECD teachers were ready for the challenge of reopening their doors safely again.

Ekuphumleni High School, in its usual fashion, tackled each challenge that the pandemic brought head on. With an average of 80 students in one class, these had to be split down into 4 different classes as no class could have more than 20 students at a time. The teachers worked around the clock, teaching the same class multiple times each day.

By the time the matric students had to write their exams, the curriculum was fully caught up and the same optimism for good marks prevailed.

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A Time of Resilience
Posted 28 January, 2021 by Louisa

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