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North meets South
– Posted on Ocober 24, 2017

It became quite the festive occasion with a local dancing troupe providing entertainment and an impromptu exchange of singing as the Austrian youth group and a choir Phumza and Nozuko were part of, shared traditional songs.

In between there were games with the newly crocheted balls and much playing on the fixed and newly painted swings. And once again the crocheting became a big hit as the community grandmothers all wanted to learn how to make the crocheted balls. The Haus of Musik in Vienna had also donated and sent some harmonicas and Jew's harps with the youth group for the children which were handed over on the community day. Before long a cacophony of sound could be heard as everyone wanted to try out the instruments.

Noluthando is one of six kindergartens that is supported in the Eastern Cape through funding from the Umckaloabo Foundation in Germany, whose focus is to enable children and youth in Southern Africa. Samara Foundation is one of their partners in South Africa and is working with the kindergartens to create safe and nurturing spaces for the children to thrive and grow. Part of this work includes bringing new energy and points of connection to the kindergartens and surrounding community – something that certainly happened during this meeting of North and South. The youth group and their hard work at Noluthando not only made a mark on the kindergarten building but left behind many special memories and impressions in the hearts of us all at Samara, at Noluthando and in the community – and we hope they felt the same.

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North meets South
Posted on Ocober 24, 2017 by Louisa

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